Important changes in the ArcGIS Platform – what you need to know

ArcGIS Online uses TLS to communicate with the rest of the ArcGIS Platform. Today, it can use a few different versions (1.0, 1.1 and 1.2). But from April 16th 2019, for security reasons, ArcGIS Online will be updated so that it only supports TLS version 1.2.

Read this blog to find out what you need to do to ensure that any client application that communicates with ArcGIS Online will continue to work.

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ArcGIS Online service partial outage - Resolved

On 4th September there was a partial outage with ArcGIS Online which affected some customers. Publishing services, the use of hosted feature services and some other specific functionality were impacted. The issue was restricted to certain parts of the infrastructure and this was reported on the  ArcGIS Online Health Dashboard.  

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URL query parameters in Web AppBuilder

URL parameters are dynamic values within the URL of a web map or app that perform pre-defined functionality,  such as zooming to fixed scales/locations or querying within layers.

This blog will focus on query based URL parameters in Web AppBuilder, and is applicable whether you are using ArcGIS Online, Portal for ArcGIS, or Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition).

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Do you use the Esri UK Free Online Services or the UK Content app?

Do you use the free Esri UK Online Services or the UK Content app? Changes have happened to them both, read on to see how we’ve added new locators to ArcGIS Online, which replace the existing services.  We have as also updated the UK Content app to help you to switch to these new services. 

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ArcGIS Online Basemap Security

Esri have started migrating to stronger encryption certificates utilising SHA-256 for basemaps via HTTPS - Previously it was using SHA-1.  Esri will continue updating ArcGIS Online certificates over the next few months.  This change should be transparent to most of our users.

One group of users that might run into issues are ArcPad users with Windows Mobile 6.5 and earlier.  Many of those devices still don't support SHA-256, which means you will begin seeing an increase in the number of ArcGIS Online service endpoints you cannot access via HTTPS. If you are using such a device, please contact your hardware vendor to find out your vendor's patch plans. We will be posting more information about this using the Twitter handle @ArcGIS Online.

Using your own rasters with OS Open basemaps

With the release of the OS Open basemaps in ArcGIS Online, customers may wish to overlay their own raster tile layers on the basemaps. In some instances an error that the layer cannot be added to the map because it's coordinate system or tiling scheme can't be adjusted to align properly with the basemap.

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Improved support for transformations in ArcGIS Online

The July update of ArcGIS Online, combined with the 10.3.1 release of the ArcGIS Platform, has brought a number of new and improved features. This article describes the improvements to transformations in ArcGIS Online, which will be of particular relevance to many users in the UK and Ireland.
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Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS has arrived

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS is a powerful new application builder included as part of ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS. This article explains the important differences between the standard Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS and the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition).
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New LocatorHub hotfix for customers using Locators in ArcGIS Online

A problem has been discovered with the use of LocatorHub locators in ArcGIS Online. When a webmap containing both a locator and a locally hosted ArcGIS Server service is saved and then reopened, searches against the locator fail to work. A hotfix patch is now available to address this issue.
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