Important Changes to Esri UK Online Services

Are you using Esri UK Online Services?  If so, please read on to understand the changes that have been made and how these will impact your use going forwards.

We are currently running the old and the new services in parallel and you have until 1st July 2016 to migrate to the new services (as we will be turning off the old ones).  Read on to find out more about the benefits of using the new services and to help you plan your migration.

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Do you use the Esri UK Free Online Services or the UK Content app?

Do you use the free Esri UK Online Services or the UK Content app? Changes have happened to them both, read on to see how we’ve added new locators to ArcGIS Online, which replace the existing services.  We have as also updated the UK Content app to help you to switch to these new services. 

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New LocatorHub hotfix for customers using Locators in ArcGIS Online

A problem has been discovered with the use of LocatorHub locators in ArcGIS Online. When a webmap containing both a locator and a locally hosted ArcGIS Server service is saved and then reopened, searches against the locator fail to work. A hotfix patch is now available to address this issue.
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