How to resolve the message “Your account is not enabled for Esri access"

Are you getting the message “Your account is not enabled for Esri access” when you try to sign into My Esri? If so, this is because you have not enabled access to My Esri in ArcGIS Online.

error My Esri.png

To resolve this, you will need to sign into ArcGIS Online. Note: this task will need to be carried out by an administrator of the ArcGIS Online organisation. Once signed in, click on My Organization and then search for the member who does not have Esri Access. Tip: If you are the only user, you will need to search for yourself in the search bar in order to see yourself.

my esri.png

Click on the gear icon to Enable Esri Access, which allows access to My Esri.

enable esri access.png

Now go ahead and sign into My Esri. This change will be remembered until you wish to remove Esri access.