Unique Digital breaks new ground in audience-targeted marketing

A creative digital marketing agency in London is using GIS to successfully focus its marketing activities on specific target audiences.  It employs Esri’s ArcGIS platform in the planning, auditing and evaluation phases of its campaigns to deliver the optimum return on marketing investment for its clients.

Unique Digital is one in a new generation of marketing agencies that is taking advantage of the latest technologies to transform traditional marketing approaches and improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.  The company makes extensive use of GIS when planning advertising and other digital marketing activities for its clients to discover where target customers live, work or travel.  It can then more accurately determine where and when to implement campaigns to ensure that it reaches the highest number of relevant, prospective customers.

At the start of campaigns, Unique Digital uses GIS to assess where ad views are occurring, within and outside of target locations. This GIS-driven audit can reveal ‘dead zones’ where campaigns are not penetrating, prompting the agency to engage new media partners or recommend new tactics to fill the gaps.  Unique Digital can also use the evidence provided by GIS to hold its media partners to account, seeking recompense for its clients if budgets were found to have been put to poor use.

Upon the conclusion of campaigns, Unique Digital uses GIS to give its clients clear insight into how successful their marketing tactics have been.  ArcGIS can reveal where and when promotional codes have been redeemed and by how much product sales have increased, location by location.  This information can then be used to build well-informed hypotheses about brand loyalty and purchasing habits that can be invaluable for ongoing marketing and business planning.

“In the age of digital marketing, where precision targeting is everything, GIS is fast becoming a critical tool that informs all phases in a marketing campaign cycle.”
Wayne Ha, Head of Data and Analytics, Unique Digital

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