OS MasterMap Topography Sites Layer

Ordnance Survey have released a new Sites layer within their OS MasterMap Topography dataset. ProductivitySuite is not required to convert the new Sites layer, as the functionality is already available within ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2.x and 10.3.

The Sites layer can be imported into ArcMap using the Data Interoperability tool ‘Quick Import’. You can use this tool with or without a licence for Data Interoperability. To import the GML files follow the steps below.

1. Open ArcToolbox and navigate to the Quick Import tool listed under Data Interoperability Tools.


NOTE: If you have a Data Interoperability licence then you can import GML and GZ files (zipped GML files) directly. You also require an internet connection when using the Quick Import tool so that the data can access the schema attached to the file.

2. Input your dataset into the tool using the ellipsis, selecting the desired file format (.gml or .gz). Also, select the output Personal Geodatabase for the feature classes to be stored in.

Qimport tool.png

3. The Sites layer is now ready to be added into ArcMap and consumed alongside all of your other OS MasterMap Topography data.