Issues with the World Imagery Service

We refreshed our ArcGIS Online Imagery Basemap on October 25th with updated data for much of Europe. This updated data brought many benefits, primarily more recent data and significant quality improvements across large areas. However, we have observed issues with the quality of some of the imagery in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

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Important Changes to Esri UK Online Services

Are you using Esri UK Online Services?  If so, please read on to understand the changes that have been made and how these will impact your use going forwards.

We are currently running the old and the new services in parallel and you have until 1st July 2016 to migrate to the new services (as we will be turning off the old ones).  Read on to find out more about the benefits of using the new services and to help you plan your migration.

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OS dataset updates - what you need to know

Over the last year we have updated you on some of the changes that the Ordnance Survey have planned or new datasets they have released.

With a lot of changes happening and many more coming next year we thought it was worth summarising them and letting you know about the work we have been doing or have planned.

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OS MasterMap Topography Sites Layer

Ordnance Survey have released a new Sites layer within their OS MasterMap Topography dataset. A workflow has been identified for importing this layer into ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2.x and 10.3, read on to find out how.
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How to use OpenStreetMap data (.osm.pbf) in ArcMap using Data Interoperability

OpenStreetMap data can be added to ArcGIS Desktop as a basemap layer from ArcGIS Online. However, what if you want to have a local copy of that data on your machine? If you have a licence for the Data Interoperability extension for ArcMap, this article will tell you how to get the data into an ArcGIS-friendly format.
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Blank ConnectingLinks in your ITN Network Dataset?

If you are using Productivity Suite 2.1 for ArcGIS for Desktop 10.0 to process your Ordnance Survey (OS) Integrated Transport Network (ITN) data, you may encounter a situation where the ConnectingLinks feature class is blank.
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