New gazetteers available in our Online Services

All users of our online services will shortly have three new gazetteers added to their accounts. These are ArcGIS Locators for OS Code-Point Open, OS Locator and 1:50k Placename gazetteers. Details about these data formats can be found here (CodePoint Open), here (OS Locator) and here (1:50k Placename).

The new locators are named

  • OS CodePointOpen Postcode Locator
  • OS Locator Locator
  • OS 50K Placename Locator

Details of how to use all our online gazetteers across the Esri platform can be found in the ‘How to Use Guide’, which has recently been updated. There are also some Tips and Tricks on how to get the best out of these new ArcGIS Locators, and these can be found here (CodePoint Open), here (OS Locator) and here (1:50k Placename).

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted that we already have some existing gazetteers for CodePoint Open and OS Locator, and you may be wondering what the difference is. The current Locators, called

  • Ordnance Survey CodePoint Open
  • Ordnance Survey Locator

are based on LocatorHub. The new Locators are ArcGIS Locators.  The main difference you will experience in using both types of gazetteers is that the LocatorHub based gazetteers require the Online Services Add In be installed before you can use these gazetteers, while the ArcGIS Locators can be used seamlessly within the Esri  platform.

Note: If you use LocalView Fusion, please read this blog for more information.