6th June 2014 - some DNS issues


Some users connecting to http://datahub.esriuk.com experienced service deterioration starting at 14:28 (6th June 2014) which continued for three minutes until it was resolved at 14:31.


At 14:28 the Online Operations Team received alerts that http://datahub.esriuk.com was unavailable. Any requests for a service using the domain name were not being served.

This had a series of knock-on effects with some dependent services and a number of clients being affected.  At 14:31 connectivity was restored to http://datahub.esriuk.com though it is likely that due to cached connections etc. some users may have continued to experience issues for up to a further 10-15 minutes.

The issue was related to name resolution and we have logged a support call with our ISP to understand what happened. 

The team will continue to monitor the situation and updates to this blog will be made as appropriate.