Using Esri UK’s Online Gazetteer Services in LocalView Fusion

On our Online Operations sister blog, we have added details about three new online gazetteer services available to users of Esri UK’s free online services. While we hope that these are of use to our customers across the Esri platform, I wanted to let LocalView Fusion users know that ArcGIS Locators will not work with LocalView Fusion. They will work in other areas of the ArcGIS platform e.g. ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS Online etc.

As some background, the three new gazetteers are ArcGIS Locators. There are already two existing locators in our Online Services, and these are based on LocatorHub. LocalView Fusion users can continue to use the LocatorHub based ones.

Because we now have two different types of gazetteers, each supporting the same free OS data, I wanted to highlight the areas in LocalView Fusion where you will see these as options you can configure for use, to make sure they are not used in error.

In the Admin menu > Esri UK Services, you will see them when you configure your Online Service Account e.g. 

All locators will appear in the available list.  The existing LocatorHub based locators are the ones named

  • Ordnance Survey CodePoint Open
  • Ordnance Survey Locator (*be careful*) 

The new ArcGIS Locator locators are the ones named

  • OS CodePointOpen Postcode Locator
  • OS Locator Locator
  • OS 50K Placename Locator

Our naming convention for the new ArcGIS Locators is <data source> < data product > <Locator> which would work splendidly were it not for the fact that one of the data products is itself called ‘OS Locator’. However if you remember this exception to the rule, then generally any service whose name ends in ‘Locator’ is an ArcGIS Locator and will not work in LocalView Fusion.

The other area of LocalView where you will see these new locators in a list is when you go to Content > Add Map 

Since these are gazetteers rather than maps, we will shortly be hiding them from this list, but for the moment this is the other place you will see them listed with LocalView Fusion. 

In summary, if you are already using the LocatorHub based gazetteers then you do not need to do anything. These will continue to work.