29th January 2013 - Datahub services partial slow down


Some users connecting to http://datahub.esriuk.com experienced service deterioration commencing at 14:06 (29th January 2013) which continued until it was partial resolved at 15:03 and fully resolved at 16:00.


At 14:03 the Online Operations Team received alerts that http://datahub.esriuk.com was performing slowly due to extremely high CPU on one of the load balanced servers. This had a series of knock-on effects with some dependent services and products although only a small number of clients were affected.  

Diagnostic work identified that one server was responding to a series of CPU intensive requests and the web server in response had automatically restarted some processes.

At 16:00 full connectivity was restored to http://datahub.esriuk.com  though it is likely that due to cached connections users may have continued to experience issues for another 10-15 minutes.

Further monitoring has been put into place so that additional information can be collected.

If anyone had been experiencing problems – we recommend that you should close down your browser(s); clear any browser cache, restart your browser and reconnect. Similarly, if you are connecting via an application (LocalView Fusion or ArcGIS for Desktop via the Services add-in toolbar) then close the application down and relaunch it.

The team will continue to monitor the situation and updates will be made when appropriate.