Changes to Raster Map services

Changes have been made to the forthcoming release of the Free and Premium map services containing raster data.  The changes are designed to improve and standardise the look of the map services, and ensure that raster data is only shown at the appropriate view scales. 

The small scale OpenData vector layers used to create the ‘Basemap OS OpenData Carto’ map service are now used for all cache levels apart from the scales at which the raster data is appropriate to view.  For example, the OS 1:25k Colour Raster Map service now uses the BaseMap OS OpenData Carto map layers at all scales down to 1:25,000 (L15), 1:10,000 (L16) and 1:5,000 (L17). 

The changes mean that the raster data will be shown at fewer scales than the previous map services.  The new services will just contain a combination of the Basemap OS OpenData Carto and the raster dataset for each service at appropriate scales. Typically the scale of the named map service i.e. 1:25,000, 1:50,000, 1:10,000 and larger scales.

The screenshot below illustrate the use of the BaseMap OS OpenData Carto map style with the Premium rasters at larger scales.

The map services where the changes will occur are listed below:

Free Services:

Premium Services:

Full details of the cache scales and datasets used at each scale will be available when the new map services go live expected on 11th February 2013.