Hot Fix Release for Embeddable Survey Template

We are pleased to announce that a hot fix release is now available for the embeddable survey template.

This fixes issue 39879, which required users to be logged into LocalView Fusion, before they were able to submit a survey.

The template was updgraded on our online environment at 5.30pm on September 9th at 5.30pm.

The download is available for our on premise customers to download on the ftp site:

FTP Location:
Username: Lvfusion

The password is unchanged and was sent recently to maintenance paying customers, however, it is available on request from if you have not received it or have mislaid it.


LocalView Fusion 4.2 - July release

We are pleased to announce a hotfix release of LocalView Fusion 4.2 to address a small number of critical issues affecting Radar Platform, MyLocation, WebPublisher and the Feed Fragment.

We have changed feeds so that it is now optional to return the geometry within a feed. This provides better performance if you do not need the map coordinates to be returned by the feed.  This change impacts the Radar Platform, MyLocation and WebPublisher templates and the Feed fragment.

We have also fixed a small number of issues in the Radar Platform and WebPublisher.  Please refer to the Release Notes (on the right hand side of this blog) for further details for these fixes.

All other templates have been re-released against the platform, but are otherwise unchanged.

Upgrading to this new release from earlier versions of LocalView Fusion 4.2 is not mandatory. We suggest you only install this release if you have been affected by any of the issues that are now fixed. 

Upgrades to this release are supported from version 4.0 or above. Details of the upgrade paths can be found in the Product Lifecyce document.

The new release is available now on our FTP site::

FTP Location:
Username: Lvfusion

The password will be sent shortly to all our maintenance paying customers, however, it is available on request from if you have not received it.

The online environment was upgraded to this release on the evening of Monday 15th July 2013.


Bug Fixes for MyLocation and Embeddable Survey Templates

We are pleased to announce that we have today released new versions of MyLocation and Embeddable Survey templates.  Please see the release notes (on the right hand side of this blog) for details of the issues fixed.

The new templates are available now from our FTP site:

FTP Location:
Username: Lvfusion

The password has been supplied to customers previously but if you have have mislaid it, please contact for details. 

The online environment will be upgraded at our next scheduled maintenance slot on Monday 20th May at 5.30pm. 



Printing Bug Fix for LocalView Fusion

We are pleased to annouce that we have today released a new version of LocalView Fusion 4.2 to fix the recently identified printing bug.  This is Build

This release will be deployed to the online environment during scheduled maintenance on the evening of Monday 15th April and is available now for download by our on premise customers.

Download instructions are being sent to all customers under maintenance, please contact if you have any issues downloading or installing the software. Only the platform is affected, the templates remain unchanged from the 4.2 release.



LocalView Fusion 4.2 Available for Download

We are pleased to announce that LocalView Fusion 4.2 On Premise has been released and is available for download to customers under maintenance.

For further information on what is new in LocalView Fusion 4.2 please see the recent articles in this blog. 

Full release notes are available in the panel on the right hand side of this blog.

Important Changes to Product Lifecycle

Please be aware before upgrading to LocalView Fusion 4.2 that we have made some significant changes to the Product Lifecycle

The new version of the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex template requires ArcGIS for Server 10.0 or above, it is not supported for ArcGIS for Server 9.3.1.  Therefore if you wish to use the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex template and are currently running ArcGIS for Server 9.3.1, you will need to upgrade ArcGIS for Server, prior to upgrading to LocalView Fusion 4.2.

We have also moved the 3.x radar platform and a number of templates into mature support these will be retired on the 31st August 2013. 

The templates that are now in mature support and their replacements are:

Template in Mature Support

Replacement Template

Map Fragment

Embeddable Map

Gazetteer Fragment

Embeddable Gazetteer


Embeddable Survey


We would encourage you to migrate your applications that use these templates to the replacement templates and to put in place plans to upgrade to the latest release of LocalView Fusion, especially if you are still running LocalView Fusion 3.x which will be unsupported after 31st August 2013 and is currently in mature support.


If you are using LocatorHub then please ensure that you are running a supported version by referring to the LocatorHub Product Lifecycle.   We recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of LocatorHub 5.0 and for your convenience the LocatorHub 5.0 installer has been included on the same FTP site as LocalView Fusion – please see details below.

Download Instructions

Download instructions have been emailed to our customers, if you have not received this information, and are a maintenance paying customer, please contact Support for the download details.

Full installation guides and release notes are included with the software.

If you have problems with the download or applying the update, please contact our support desk by email or telephone on 01296 745555.

If you would like the Esri UK Implementation Services team to assist in your upgrade then please contact your Customer Success Manager for a quotation.

LocalView Fusion 4.2 - Bug fixes

We are pleased to announce that we have released an upgrade to the online environment for LocalView Fusion to include a small number of bug fixes in the 4.2 release.

For further details please see the release notes that are linked from the right hand side of this page.

Please be aware, that for some of the changes to take effect you will need to clear your browser cache (as your browser may have cached components of  the previous version).

LocalView Fusion 4.2 Coming Soon

A new release of LocalView Fusion 4.2 will be available soon providing you with new functionality and quality improvements.  Read on to find out more.

The two main highlights of the the 4.2 release are the:

New Embeddable Survey Template

Brand new template provides a number of enhancements to the existing survey template.  

Enhanced FlexViewer Template

Major enhancements to the FlexViewer template.


There are further details of these changes in separate blog articles.

Release Schedule

This online release will be in mid-February. 

The software will be available to download for on premise installation around the end of February, a further email will be sent when the download is available with details of how to access the software.

Product Lifecycle Changes

Changes to Browser support

LocalView Fusion 4.2 will no longer support IE6 (Internet Explorer 6).  Supported browsers are IE7, IE8, IE9, Chrome and Firefox. 

Survey Template

With the release of the new embeddable survey template, the Survey template will move into mature support.   The Survey Template will be retired later this year.