LocalView Fusion 4.2 Coming Soon

A new release of LocalView Fusion 4.2 will be available soon providing you with new functionality and quality improvements.  Read on to find out more.

The two main highlights of the the 4.2 release are the:

New Embeddable Survey Template

Brand new template provides a number of enhancements to the existing survey template.  

Enhanced FlexViewer Template

Major enhancements to the FlexViewer template.


There are further details of these changes in separate blog articles.

Release Schedule

This online release will be in mid-February. 

The software will be available to download for on premise installation around the end of February, a further email will be sent when the download is available with details of how to access the software.

Product Lifecycle Changes

Changes to Browser support

LocalView Fusion 4.2 will no longer support IE6 (Internet Explorer 6).  Supported browsers are IE7, IE8, IE9, Chrome and Firefox. 

Survey Template

With the release of the new embeddable survey template, the Survey template will move into mature support.   The Survey Template will be retired later this year.