Release of Embeddable Survey and Embeddable Map Templates

We are pleased to announce new releases of both the Embeddable Survey and the Embeddable Map templates.

The online environment has been updated this evening and the releases will be available for download by our on premise customers later this week.

Embeddable Survey - Version

This version requires platform build to be installed.

The Embeddable Survey has been updated so that it will now show the results of a GP task in the completion window.

The gazetteer results have been amended so that they no longer show the match score at the start as this had the potential to cause confusion.

Additional bugs fixed are detailed in the release notes which can be found to the right-hand side of this blog.

Embeddable Map -

This version requires platform build to be installed.

This release has added the ability for the user to set the identify tolerance in the application. It will default to a 3 pixel tolerance for map services and a 5 pixel tolerance for feature services. These can be overridden in the provisioning page for the application.