LocalView Fusion 4.1


Our October release of LocalView Fusion is now running on the online platform and is also available to download.

Version 4.1 contains some new security component plus a few minor updates and bug fixes.

Strong(er) passwords

The big new thing at 4.1 is the ability to create much stronger password policies for external (i.e. non Active Directory) users. You can now, for example, force all external users to have a strong password (upper case, lower case, numbers, letters, etc) which will expire in a timeframe that you set.

The security tools add extra control for administrators who subscribe to the online version of LocalView Fusion where Active Directory is not yet an option. The tools should also be a valuable addition for on-premise customers who publish secure sites to external partners and contractors.

More Parameters

As an example of one of the minor enhancements, we've added a new URL parameter to Web Publisher that allows it to be launched already zoomed to a particular feature. This should open up some interesting new integration options with other software systems.

Version 4.1 is the first of many smaller more frequent updates to LocalView Fusion and the next one on the horizon is an update to the new MyLocation template due out in mid-November.