We're off!

Welcome to the LocalView Fusion blog!

Over the coming weeks and months this blog will contain posts to keep you informed about all things related to LocalView Fusion. We'll cover subjects like upcoming release details, tips and tricks to help you make the most out of your software, the occasional post from users (volunteers please!), technical stuff and other things that crop up along the way. There will be a new article posted every couple of weeks.

This blog page will also contain the latest version of the product release notes, plus posts will be ordered by categories and tags to make it easy to find information on specific subjects.

It's possible to comment on all posts in the blog so I'm hoping that it will be the source of some interesting debate and discussion in future too.

One final thing; there is also a sister blog to this one called Online Service Updates which contains service information about all of Esri UK's SaaS and DaaS services.