Scottish Water empowers staff with bespoke ArcGIS training


Esri UK has delivered on-site training and eLearning resources to help 1200 employees transition confidently to ArcGIS from a legacy GIS and make optimal use of the new solution in their jobs.

GIS is a core business system at Scottish Water, used by over 1200 employees for everything from handling customer enquiries to planning new infrastructure investment.  When the company decided to replace its existing GIS with Esri’s ArcGIS platform enterprise-wide, it engaged Esri UK’s training team to help its employees adapt to the new software as quickly as possible. 

Over a four month period, Esri UK provided 39 separate training courses, at five different locations across Scotland.  It tailored the training materials and exercises to incorporate Scottish Water’s own network data and business processes, making them highly relevant and meaningful to the participants of the training.  In addition to the entry-level courses, Esri UK also ran advanced-level courses for specialist users, which included instruction on data management and the development of the company’s new GIS web portal.

Recognising that different people have different learning styles, Esri UK also developed a portfolio of eLearning resources to allow employees to acquire skills and knowledge of ArcGIS, at a time to suit them, online.  These resources were particularly ideal for employees based in more remote locations, who didn’t want to travel to attend an on-site course, as well as people who prefer to learn at their own pace.  Together, the training courses and eLearning materials helped prepare Scottish Water’s employees for the transition to ArcGIS and empowered them to use ArcGIS effectively in their daily work. 

Esri UK’s training programme gave our employees the competence and confidence to use ArcGIS to its full potential and do their jobs to their best ability.
— Stuart Hill, Business Change Manager, Scottish Water