Hampshire County Council empowers citizens to access information on demand

An article entitled ‘

Building Public Trust

’ (author: Stuart Sumner) published this week in the May 12th issue of Computing, has Jos Creese, CIO of Hampshire County Council talking about the ability of Local authorities to deliver optimal services. This is something close to our heart at Esri UK and in fact Hampshire CC are a customer who have been successfully using LocalView Fusion and

ArcGIS Online

for some time, as a part of a centralised drive to provide better services to citizens. In the article Jos notes that “Whats important is to design interfaces so that citizens can do what they want, when they want and how they want. Its better simpler and cheaper”. Online digital mapping is one means for Local Authorities to achieve this for many services – from finding nearby amenities like recycling facilities to reporting potholes or sharing census, demographic and other data for their area.

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Think Location for faster action

Accurate and timely information is absolutely vital when responding to disaster scenarios.  Location analysis can be used to locate the incident, allocate resources, keep everyone informed and focused on the information that matters.  Fast action can help save lives and minimise the amount of damage caused.

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Think Location for improved customer service

Where are your customers located?  Where do they need services?  And which facilities are nearest to them? If you can’t answer these questions instantly and accurately, for each and every one of your customers, your organisation is almost certainly not delivering the high standards of customer service that it is capable of.     

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