SEE. Vickie Withnell, from Manchester Airport Group, present at the Esri UK Annual Conference 2014

Hear Vickie Withnell, Group GIS  Advisor, give an insight into Manchester Airport Group’s (M.A.G) use of ArcGIS for spatially managing long term asset planning. 

Learn about the new GIS solution, built to record all of M.A.G’s asset information in one central database, enabling more efficient ways of working and helping identify the most profitable and sustainable uses for its land and other assets. 

SEE. how the integration of GIS with other pertinent databases from CRM and BI systems, will allow M.A.G’s end-users to instantly view and share intelligence across departments.

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“GIS helps us make better informed decisions and thereby improve both our profitability and service for customers. It will continue to play a critical role in shaping the future growth and development of our airports”

Vickie Withnell, Group GIS Advisor, Manchester Airport Group

SEE. Vickie Withnell and explore more success stories with Esri GIS at the Esri UK Annual Conference 2014.