Support on My Esri - Guide for Administrators

Following the launch of Support on My Esri there are a couple of new permissions you need to be aware of as an Administrator of your My Esri organisation:

1.       View Support Information

This permission allows the user to view the organisation’s support information e.g. browsing support cases. This is a read-only permission, allowing a user to view support cases and bug information. Note: this permission does not grant the ability to request new support cases.

To assign a user this permission, go to and click the Edit/View button (pencil icon) next to the user. On the Edit Permissions page, select Yes next to the View support information permission, as shown below:


The user will now have access to view existing support information.

2.       Authorized Caller

An authorized caller is a designated individual from your organisation who may contact Esri UK to request technical support. As the administrator, you can add, edit and remove the authorized callers for your organisation. Some contracts limit the number of authorized callers who can represent an organisation.

If your organisation has purchased Premium Support, you can specify which of your authorized callers can submit premium cases, or can convert standard cases to premium.

To manage your authorized callers, go to New authorized callers can be added by selecting “Add Caller”.


Add an existing My Esri user by typing in their name or email address and selecting them from the search results, or add a new user by entering their email address and filling out the required fields.


As well as you assigning permissions to your users, they may also be proactive and request access to the system. These requests can be viewed and managed at As the administrator, you can grant or deny the user's request for additional permissions.

Once a user has been given permission to the system, they are ready to start requesting and managing their support cases in My Esri!