Support on My Esri - Requesting support for UK Products

My previous blog post discussed how to request a new support case via My Esri. In this post I wanted to provide a little extra information about how to request a new case for Esri UK Products.

When you load the Request Case web form you are presented with three drop-down menus: Product Category, Product Sub-Category and Product. To locate and select an Esri UK product (or Third Party Product purchased through Esri UK) select the following options:

Here you can find Esri UK’s Marketplace applications and Esri UK's Desktop and Server products such as ProductivitySuite, CrimeAnalyst and LocatorHub.

For customers with an Application Support (TSA) agreement, always select the Product "Application (TSA)" when requesting a new case through My Esri.

It is worth mentioning that in this initial release of Support on My Esri it's not currently possible to select the version of the Esri UK product when requesting a new case. This is something we are working on and hope to make available in the near future. In the meantime, please be sure to include the product version in your Issue Description instead to help us resolve your query as quickly as possible.