How to install, enable and authorise CrimeAnalyst silently

This article is designed to help customers who would like to deploy, enable and authorise CrimeAnalyst silently for their organisation.


CrimeAnalyst can be installed silently from the command line (or included in an image deployment) by doing the following:


1. Place the installer .msi file into a temporary or networked directory.

2. Open Command Line (as an administrator) and change directory (cd) into the directory containing the .msi installer (e.g. cd C:\Temp) specified above.

3. Enter the following command:


MSIEXEC /i CrimeAnalystVersion.msi ALLUSERS=1 /qb

(Modify the name of the .msi to the correct filename depending on which version of the software you have).


You are able to specify additional Command Line Options if desired:

Command Line Options


Enable CrimeAnalyst in ArcMap/ArcCatalog

For customers who want to deploy an image to many users with the Desktop extensions already enabled,  the following Esri UK Technical Support blog article outlines the process:

Silently enable extensions for ArcGIS for Desktop 10.x


Authorise the CrimeAnalyst licence without using the UKPG Licence Manager

There is currently no way to centrally manage the licensing of CrimeAnalyst, like with ArcGIS for Desktop Concurrent use licences.


As CrimeAnalyst does not have a centralised Licence Manager, you should rename your CrimeAnalyst .xml licence file to 'CrimeAnalystLicence.xml' and copy it to one of two locations depending on whether the licence is limited to a single user, or is for site deployment:


Single User:


All Users:

C:\Users\All Users\ESRIUK\LicenceStore


NB The LicenceStore folder will probably need to be created within the All Users profile.


Please note that the end user will still need to accept the Licence Agreement when opening ArcMap for the first time after installing the file.