Silently enable extensions for ArcGIS for Desktop 10.x

It is possible to activate extensions silently during installation so that individual users do not have to do this manually.


The enable setting for each of the extensions is held in the registry at the following location:





When ArcMap/ArcCatalog is first opened, none of the extensions are enabled, and the registry keys above are empty. As extensions are enabled within ArcMap/ArcCatalog, a new DWORD is created in the above locations, and assigned a value of 1 (Enabled) or 2 (Disabled).

It is therefore possible to pre-populate these keys with the following DWORD entries (set to value =1) to enable all of the extensions during installation:

  • 3D Analyst: {94305472-592E-11D4-80EE-00C04FA0ADF8} 
  • ArcScan: {A212F759-F155-4BAF-A692-B9268CF9A465}
  • CrimeAnalyst: {E40B6CD1-E7D0-442A-BB4C-D481914401C9}
  • Data Interoperability: {D5E016E9-171B-45CA-B4A2-6361DBC1E255}
  • Geostatistical Analyst: {DE0502C4-8D34-11D3-A63A-0008C7BF3347}
  • Network Analyst: {C967BD39-1118-42EE-AAAB-B31642C89C3E}
  • Productivity Suite: {B633FD03-46C1-44E8-BC4A-185E02D1CD5E}
  • Publisher: {8AEE0DE1-535C-4788-95C8-1659444D4C02}
  • Schematics: {EE89C7C1-20BB-4412-8239-301179CA4F0D}
  • Spatial Analyst: {3C5059FE-9F15-401A-94ED-EED914D73E3E}
  • Tracking Analyst: {D53BF20F-24FB-11D4-B34C-00104BA2ABCC}


Note: changes should be made to the registry settings with care. Esri UK cannot take responsibilty for problems resulting from changes made to a computer's registry settings.