New Local Government Demo Site

We are pleased to announce the release of a new demo site for our Local Government Customers which can be found here.

As you are hopefully already aware Esri UK have launched a new UK Local Government solution and have annouced the retirement of LocalView on 1st July 2016.

We encourage you to start migrating to the new solution which will enable you to create maps applications using ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS.

The purpose of the demo site is to show how you can embed these maps and applications into your websites.

The demo site covers three areas:

  • Report It - to show how you can add online surveys to your websites e.g. report an abandonned vehicle (something you may have been using the LVF survey template for)
  • Your Map - to show how you can embed maps into your website (something you may have been using the LVF embeddable map template for)
  • MyNearest - to how you can use add information on nearest services and facilities to you website (something you may have been using LVF WebPublisher or MyLocation templates for)

For each of these areas we cover:

  • Why - what user stories does it support
  • Options - what are the different ways you can achieve this
  • Which - how to chose the best option for you
  • How - how we have put the demos together
  • Demos - links to live demos showing the end results

We hope you find this new resource useful and would welcome your feedback.