Migrating from Retired Templates

As announced at the release of LocalView Fusion v4.2, a number of templates were retired at the end of August. This blog article tells you where to find information to help migrate away from the templates that have been retired to their replacements.

 The templates that have been replaced are as follows:

  • the Survey template has been replaced by the Embeddable Survey template
  • the Map Fragment has been replaced by the Embeddable Map template
  • the Gazetteer Fragment has been replaced by the Embeddable Gazetteer template

For information on how to incorporate the newer templates into your websites and webpages, see the Integrator's Guide for Developers at  http://www.esriuk.com/radardoc/

The Integrator's Guide provides technical information on how to implement the embeddable templates, and has a short section describing suitable migration paths from old to new.