Embeddable Survey Template

The embeddable survey template is a brand new template based on the old survey template, but completely rewritten with added features and functionality and a new user interface. 

Customers who have purchased the old survey template will be entitled to receive the new embeddable survey template at no additional cost.  For online customers this template will be automatically added to your online portal when 4.2 is released.  Any new customers purchasing the survey template will only receive the new embeddable survey. 

This template will replace the existing survey template which is now in mature support and will be retired later on this year. The new survey template works with all of your existing survey content so you can easily migrate to the new template.

The embeddable survey template will only work on version 4.2 or above so you will need to upgrade to the latest version to get the template.


The survey can be embedded into an existing site using the same method as embeddable map. With just a few lines of code you can have a fully working survey in your website. There is also an embedded option that can be chosen when provisioning a new survey site. This removes the header image at the top of the survey making it easier to add to another website.

Map Location Enhancements

We have made a few enhancements to the location question type, so that it now uses the improved map component used in the embeddable map template.

You can now add additional layers to the map, and also identify these additional layers with the results showing to the right of the map.

For fault report surveys this will allow you to display existing faults to the user in order to reduce duplicate reporting.

You can also set a minimum scale at which the user can add their location; this can be used to get a more accurate position from the user.