2016 MOOC Schedule

Esri Inc have just published the timetable for the MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) they plan to run this year.  This builds on the success of the MOOCs that were run through 2015.

Start Dates:

  • February 2 - Do it yourself GeoApps (sign up NOW!)
  • March 15 – The Location Advantage
  • May 10 – Going Places with Spatial Analysis
  • July 19 – Do it Yourself GeoApps
  • September 6 – The Location Advantage
  • November 8 – Going Places with Spatial Analysis

So that is 3 MOOCs each being run twice through the year. Hopefully this means that you can upskill yourself through 2016. Here is a brief description of the MOOCs

Do It Yourself GeoApps

 This MOOC is for anyone who wants to build geo-enabled apps that make communities smarter and businesses more successful.  Anyone can learn to build apps with configurable templates like Storymaps, and with applications called Web AppBuilder and AppStudio, all with little or no coding.  Coders will also learn about Esri’s developer resources like SDK’s and APIs, and can join the GeoDev community.  Four weeks, self-paced, 12 – 18 hours total time commitment expected.


The Location Advantage

This MOOC is for anyone who wants to learn how to apply location analytics in retail, finance, insurance, marketing, real estate, and other industries should take this MOOC.  Location analytics uses the locational component of business data to improve understanding of markets, customers, and business processes.  Students receive free access to Esri’s cloud-based location analytics platform during the course.  Six weeks, paced for weekly results, 1-2 hours per week.


Going Places with Spatial Analysis

This MOOC is for people who know something about data analysis and want to learn about the special capabilities of spatial data analysis. Spatial analysis focuses on location to gain a deeper understanding of data. Spatial analysis skills are in high demand by organizations around the world. You'll get free access to the full analytical capabilities of ArcGIS Online, Esri's cloud-based GIS platform. Previous experience with GIS software is helpful but not necessary for tech-savvy problem solvers. Six weeks, paced for weekly results, 2-3 hours per week.