Improved admin tools in ArcGIS Online - December 2015

The Winter 2015 update to ArcGIS Online saw a number of significant updates for account administrators. In this article we will look at what the Esri UK education Team think are the most useful updates.

Credit Allocation

ArcGIS Online uses credits which are used for the storage of data, geo-processing and to access premium service.  You can find out more about credits on Esri's Service Credit web page. Esri have now added the ability for credits to be allocated to users and Roles.  This means that the account administrator could allocate every student 25 credits and every researcher or lecturer 50 credits.  When the user gets close to using their credit allocation both they and the account admin will be informed and more credits can be allocated. 

So how do you set up credit allocations?

  • Login to ArcGIS Online as the account administrator
  • Click My Organisation
  • Click Edit Settings
  • Click Credits
  • Check the box to enable credit budgeting
  • Click Manage Budget
  • Select a Role and allocate credits

Credit allocation should help administrators manage ArcGIS Service credits.  Remember that Chest site licence holders in Higher Education facilities in the UK and Ireland get a generaous Service Credit allocation:

  • Option A = 25,000
  • Option B = 12,500
  • Option C = 12,500

Organisation Status Reports

Account administrators can now download a CSV file showing credit usage statistics for their account.  They can then use other software such as Microsoft Excel to analyse credit use.

To access the download:

  • Login to ArcGIS Online as the account administrator
  • Click My Organisation 
  • Select the tab that you are interested in and click the download icon

The download button is the cloud on the right!

The download will contain information about credit usage, breaking this down into File Storage, Data Enrichment, Drive time analysis, Geo-coding and Spatial Analysis.  Administrators will be able to see how their credits are being used on a daily and monthly basis.

In addition to the credit use summary, administrators will be able see what apps have been published by members of the organisation

Find out more

For more details about all of the updates to ArcGIS Online, please check out the following blog post.