Think Location for asset management and maintenance.

Are your assets located in restricted areas? How would a service strike impact your operations?

In an airport an asset failure on the runway could potentially cause all operations to come to a halt. Operators need to ensure that faults are repaired as quickly and safely as possible to avoid disruption to services. To do this the assets need to be easy to locate and identify.

Using Location Analysis you can accurately locate assets, produce a local site map, view the asset history, and calculate a safe route for the engineer, all within one system. The engineer can update the status of the repair while on site to avoid delays in resuming service. The engineer could also query the system to see if any additional ‘planned maintenance’ in the same area can be carried out at the same time.

The postcard below is an example of how a map can be used to maintain and manage assets:

Digital postcard Airports UK.jpg

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