LocatorHub 6.0 Released

Esri UK is pleased to announce the release of LocatorHub 6.0

The main changes at this release are:

  • Support for ArcGIS 10.7

  • A new ArcMap Add-In is now shipped with LocatorHub (at no additional cost). This allows LocatorHub locators to be used from ArcMap (10.6 and 10.7) and replaces the functionality previously provided by Services Add-In which is now in mature support

  • Improved integration with the ArcGIS Platform. We have resolved a number of issues when using LocatorHub locators within ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Enterprise.  This enables customers to use the searching, geocoding and reverse geocoding features of the ArcGIS platform with their LocatorHub locators through the ArcGIS Compatible Rest endpoint.

  • Database support has been updated, including adding support for cloud databases (see the Product Lifecycle for details)

  • LocatorHub Help is now available online

  • Quality Improvements. A number of bugs have been resolved at this release, for full details please see the Release Notes

  • Previously deprecated functionality has been removed from the product (see the Product Lifecycle for details of the deprecation plan)

  • LocatorHub Editor (including the editable schemas) and LocatorHub LTS are now separate extensions, with their own installers and documentation.   These extensions have always been licenced separately but previously access was only limited by paper licence through the terms and conditions of use. 

 Note: please be aware that when upgrading to LocatorHub 6.0 a full stats rebuild will be required for both AddressBase Premium and AddressBase Plus.

The release is available to all customers of LocatorHub with either a current annual subscription or current maintenance.  To access the software please contact Customer Operations for the download link and password.

The software download includes the release notes and full product documentation.

If you have any questions please contact your CSM or the Product Manager.