Using Latest Esri UK Online Services within LocalView Fusion

LocalView Fusion is being retired on 1st July 2016, however, we are aware that some of our customers will be continuing to use LocalView Fusion on premise as they complete their migration to the new UK Local Government Solution.

The free datahub map services and locators are also being retired on the 1st July and therefore will no longer be available in LocalView Fusion. 

This affects the Map and Gazetteer content types within LocalView:

·         In the Map content the “Esri UK Services” content type will only be useful for customers of our premium datahub services.  This will no longer be used to access the free datahub services which have moved to ArcGIS Online

·         In the Gazetteer content the “Esri UK Services”  content type will be obsolete

This blog describes how you can consume the new free basemaps from ArcGIS Online and new free locators from LocalView Fusion to replace the retiring datahub services and highlights a current known issue.

For more information on the changes and the new services available please refer to the following blogs:

·         Important Changes to Esri UK Online Services

·         New basemaps in ArcGIS Online

·         New locator services

Known Issues

The ArcGIS Online Open data basemaps (which replace the datahub free basemaps) cannot be used with LocalView  We are working with Esri Inc to resolve this issue.  The ArcGIS Online Open data basemaps have been tested with LocalView Fusion and are expected to work with earlier releases of LocalView Fusion.

It is not possible print the ArcGIS Online Open data basemaps from LocalView Fusion.  There is unfortunately no workaround for this issue as the new services do not support SOAP.

Using the ArcGIS Online OS Opendata Basemaps in LocalView Fusion

To switch from using the free datahub services to the new AGOL map services you need to edit the map settings for the datahub maps that you are using.  Once this has been done your applications using these maps will automatically pick up the new services. To do this follow the steps below:  

1.       In LocalView click Content > Maps  and edit the basemap you wish to change

2.       Click Settings then the ArcGIS tab and enter the new URL.  The urls for all of the free basemaps can be found here

3.       Click Save

4.       Check that you can view the map correctly and that applications using these maps still display correctly. 

Setting up free locators in LocalView

LocalView does not directly support ArcGIS Locators (i.e. locators in the Esri standard format), only LocatorHub locators are directly supported.  Therefore to use the new free locator services it is necessary to setup a new LocatorHub locator as a proxy service, using the ArcGIS Locator Plug In, which is available in LocatorHub version 5.0 onwards.

The steps to do this are as follows:

In LocatorHub

1.       In LocatorHub Dashboard Version click Configuration tab and LocatorHub REST Service.

2.        Add an ArcGIS Locator and give it a name.

4.       Enter for ArcGIS Rest Locator Service, then select required BNG, postcode or open names locator.

5.       Click Save on Configuration screen

In LocalView

1.       Click Content > Gazetteer  then edit the gazetteer you want to change

2.       Click Settings then the LocatorHub tab and enter the LocatorHub URL in the correct format together with any security details. Click Connect and select the free locator you have added in LocatorHub.

3.       Click Save

4.       The sites using this gazetteer will be automatically updated and ready for use.