Bug Identified in Printing

We are sorry to report that we have found a bug in the 4.2 release which is affecting printing under certain circumstances.

The templates affected are WebPublisher and Navigator.

The problem with printing only occurs if the graphic pin is displayed following a gazetteer search, and only if the application is either public and being accessed by an anonymous user or by a user accessing LocalView using internal endpoints (Windows authentication).

The temporary workaround with internal endpoints is to the clear the pin graphic before trying to print, you do this by clicking on the Gazetteer Search.  If you are using external endpoints (Forms Authentication) you may be able to change the permissions to the application so it is no longer public and specifically grant access to the users that need it.

We are currently working on a solution to this problem and will be issuing a bug fix release soon.  The online release is scheduled for the evening of 15th April 2013 and we hope that we will be able to make the release available to on premise customers before this date.

Thank you to the customers who have raised the issue with our support desk and helped us to diagnose the issue.