Esri's new eLearning Platform

Esri has released a new eLearning platform. This replaces the Virtual Campus, and will make it easier than ever for users at your institution to access online training for the ArcGIS platform. This blog article explains what’s new and how organisation administrators can manage users’ access to training material. 

Here are some key points that we think you should know:

  • The new eLearning site can be found at!/  
  • Courses are still FREE for Higher Education users.
  • All access to the new eLearning site is managed through users MyEsri account. Therefore, every user that wishes to access an eLearning course needs to have a MyEsri account.
  • MyEsri accounts need to be associated with your Organisation.
  • Organisation Admin can add users, in batches of up to 100, to their MyEsri organisation using the users email address.
  • Organisation Admin may set a time range to define when users access expires.
  • Once a user is associated with the organisations MyEsri account, they can access any course they like without needing any further codes.
  • Users keep their MyEsri identity throughout career so have a log of the courses they have taken.
  • Relevant content from VirtualCampus has been migrated to the new eLearning platform.
  • New content is being added every week so be sure to check it fairly regularly

So why didn’t Esri use the ArcGIS Online identities? Well, ArcGIS Online identities are explicitly related to an organisation whereas a MyEsri identity is not explicitly part of an organisation but can be associated with one. This means that if you change University, or get a job, you can retain your MyEsri identity and associate it with another organisation. This means that a users training record stays with them throughout their career allowing them to show potential employers what Esri courses they have studied.

The Esri UK education team are just starting to explore the new eLearning site and we will blog about our finding in due course (no pun intended).