ProductivitySuite Review

As the ArcGIS platform evolves we need to make sure we continue to review the products we offer in the UK to ensure they are still relevant, appropriate and required.

ProductivitySuite was created to bring together various tools that were of general use by UK customers. Most of the tools were designed to provide additional functionality, but they are now available out of the box, or are no longer relevant as the products they were built to support are no longer available.

We are undertaking a review of ProductivitySuite and the first phase will mean deprecating support of the functions and tools below. This will then allow us to concentrate on the remaining features and work with colleagues and customers to determine their future. 

Support for the following features will be deprecated at the next release of ProductivitySuite which is planned for shortly after the release of ArcGIS 10.5.1.

If you have any concerns related to these plans or would like to be involved in ongoing review of the ProductivitySuite functionality please contact the Product Manager.

Features to be deprecated

Multi-Image Tool

This was used to create world files and Image Catalogs for OS raster data in ArcIMS which is now a retired Product.

NTF Converter

This was used to convert LandLine and Land-Form profile data both of which are now retired datasets.

Data loading of MasterMap Address data

We will remove the option to load the retired datasets AddressLayer 1 and AddressLayer 2.

OS Data Exporter / OS Data Importer

These were tools which allowed exporting of OS data from various data sources to a zip file for transfer to another database. This was mainly to allow data to be cut up and loaded onto CDs for transfer. There are now out of the box export and import tools.

OS Geodatabase Filter

Used to extract data from a geodatabase. There are now out of the box tools which allow the extraction of data from geodatabases. An overview of these tools can be found in the online help.

Feature Validation

Allowed the processing of Feature Validation Data Set files (FVDS) supplied with the OS MasterMap data, in order to check that the related Feature Classes contain the correct set of features after loading or applying change-only update with the OS Data Converter. The tool was never updated to work with modern geodatabases and there are alternative ways to check that the load has completed successfully, for example the data loading tools provide feedback on the number of features loaded and if there were any errors.


Basic measurement tools that can measure the length of a line or area of a polygon. This can now be done with the out of the box tools.

Image Viewer

This allowed the creation of links to documents or images within a FeatureClass.

Out of the box functionality has superseded this tool, for example by allowing links and popups to be configured more easily.

Support for Local QAS and GB Group data

The datasets supplied by these vendors have evolved over time and no longer have the same data structure or supply methods.

Export to CAD

This was a tool for exporting OS MasterMap topographic data to CAD (in one of several DWG format types)

This tool was restricted to exporting very small areas. Everything in this tool can be done out of the box with an appropriate licence.