New features in My Esri

We are pleased to have released an all new version of My Esri and wanted to tell you about some of the new features.

New look and feel: We’ve updated the look and feel of My Esri to match the look of Esri’s other websites. This gives My Esri a wider page which helps with viewing data tables. We’ve also improved the viewing and managing of data throughout. Data tables have been reformatted and include better filtering, sorting, and searching.

Manage user improvements: New features to help organizations manage large numbers of users including:

·      Ability to tag users with self-defined tags (e.g., departments, locations, job functions)

·      Better filtering including the ability to filter by tag and/or by permissions

·      Quick search

·      Easy viewing of permissions by admins and by the users themselves

·      Ability for users to disconnect themselves from organizations

·      Ability for users to connect through an invitation without clicking the link in the email (i.e., they can copy/paste the invitation token)

Developer Subscription Administration: This new feature allows administrators to manage the Developer Subscriptions for their organization. Admins can see who is assigned and can send the subscription code to new users. Soon after this release, we’ll add the ability to unlink existing users.

Improvements to Licensing and Downloads: Changes include:

·      Showing the relationship between authorizations and provisioning files

·      Calculating and displaying organizational level licensing statistics

·      Reworking the licensing side navigation and page names for better clarity and workflow

·      Separating provisioning files associated with an ArcGIS Portal to their own page

·      Modifying status reporting for provisioning files

·      Better grouping of downloads

·      Showing descriptions of downloads

·      Ability to navigate to downloads in two different ways; by drilling down through products and/or through the new groupings as a whole (e.g., show all extensions)

And many more …

We’d also like to highlight other features added recently:

Authorization and Provisioning File Notes: There are now four types of notes that can be used to help organize and track your licensing:

1.  File Note: An editable note entered while generating a provisioning file

2.  Activation Note: A note entered while activating the authorization number(s) on the Software Authorization Wizard.

3.  Authorization History Note: An editable note that can be used by administrators to help keep track of authorization activities. This is available from the Authorization Details page under the History table next to each activity where it can be updated. It can also be found in the Authorization Activity reports.

4.  Authorization Note: A newly added editable note that can be used by the administrators to keep track of authorizations. This is available from the Authorizations product page next to each authorization number where it can be updated. It can also be found in the Authorization reports.


·      We added an “Access e-Learning” permission in 2016 in conjunction with the new Esri Training site. This permission governs who can access the training materials when the organization is current on maintenance. This permission defaults to on (i.e., “Yes”) but can be turned off for a user. Soon, users who are part of an active, paid ArcGIS Developer Subscription will be able to access the content on the Training Site without the need to be connected on My Esri with the Access e-Learning permission.

·      A permission that governs who can access our e-Commerce solution was recently added. This permission is called “Purchase on Esri store”. This permission also defaults to on (i.e., “Yes”) but can be turned off.