OS Schema 9 and Esri UK Products - What do I need to do?

In March 2017 the Ordnance Survey are releasing version 9 of the OS MasterMap Topography Layer data schema.

This release will consist of some changes to the delivery mechanism for the data as well as changes to the descriptive terms used for the Topography layer. Full details can be found on the Ordnance Survey website.

Following the release of OS Schema 9, all supported versions of ProductivitySuite will continue to load data for both the Topography and ITN layers as the changes do not affect the “OS Data Converter” tool.  No action is therefore required to take advantage of the new schema.

With the addition of new descriptive terms you may wish to look at updating your symbology. Esri UK has been working with the OS to make this process as easy as possible for our customers. Further details can be found in the following blog article published in May 2016.

As the schema update only affects OS MasterMap data, LocatorHub is unaffected by the changes.