What's the future for ProductivitySuite and how will we support the OS Highways dataset?


The technology underlying the ArcGIS Platform has changed significantly over recent years, with core functionality having matured to the point where many ProductivitySuite functions can now be performed out-of-the-box. We have therefore communicated plans to deprecate support for some functions of ProductivitySuite (please see this blog article for further information).

One of the main functions of ProductivitySuite is for converting Ordnance Survey (OS) data. The Data Interoperability extension is part of the core ArcGIS Platform and is designed specifically to convert and manipulate spatial data into the ArcGIS environment. We therefore plan to migrate ProductivitySuite's data conversion functionality to the Data Interoperability extension and provide tools to allow customers to continue to convert their OS Data (the tools are still in development and more information will be communicated as we progress).

We are still working on the precise details of this change and how that will affect customers. Existing ProductivitySuite customers will be switched to the Data Interoperability extension via a clear migration strategy.

We will continue to support and maintain ProductivitySuite until a suitable alternative is available.


OS Highways

Due to the plans outlined above we will not be extending ProductivitySuite to convert the new OS Highways dataset.

When the OS first released the OS Highways dataset they also provided some FME workbenches to help convert the data. Esri UK transformed these workbenches into Spatial ETL tools which could be used with the Data Interoperability Extension to load the data into a file geodatabase.  

These tools have since been extended to now also output a network dataset that can be used for routing and analysis. We hope to release a beta version to customers shortly.

During the Beta phase we also plan to host processed data in ArcGIS Online. The processed data will be made available to customers who have a current ProductivitySuite or Data Interoperability licence and an applicable OS Highways data license. To request access to this processed data please send us an email, including details of your organisation and an ArcGIS Online User that we can share the data with.