Using the new descriptive terms in OS MasterMap Topography layer

Following Ordnance Survey's 2016 upgrade to the MasterMap Topography layer schema with new ‘descriptive terms’, they have now started the process of rolling out the updates to the data. To get the most out of the new data, you will need to update the way you symbolise it.

The OS have recently started releasing new layer files through GitHub. Their hope is for this new method to become the standard way to post-process the data so that styling OS MasterMap Topography Layer becomes simpler and easier.

We have worked with them to ensure that the data you load using ProductivitySuite can take advantage of these new layer files. A modified version of the OS scripts can be found in our GitHub Repository and can be accessed through a toolbox which allows you to select the data you have loaded from ProductivitySuite. This will post-process the data loaded by ProductivitySuite for use with the OS supplied layer files.

Once you have the styling attributes in your data it is just a case of using the OS layer files and making sure it is pointing at the right fields.

When you come to perform a COU you will need to remove the styling attributes to stop them interfering with the load. We have provided a tool in that same toolbox to do this for you.

If you find any issues or have any suggestions for how the tools can be improved please feel free to raise these issues through GitHub and we will respond as soon as possible. Alternatively, please email us with any other feedback.