How Google Chrome version 50 will affect the ArcGIS Marketplace apps; MyNearest and QuestionWhere

The new release of Google Chrome (version 50) will require some APIs to use a secure origin which will affect the Geolocation API used in both MyNearest and QuestionWhere. This Geolocation API allows the users of your MyNearest or QuestionWhere instances to get their current location from the browser they are using. With this release of Chrome, instances using the HTTP protocol will still allow a user to click the location button but nothing will happen and a warning will be logged in their browser’s console.    


A red warning message will also appear in the right hand corner of the application.

What can you do?

If you still want your users to be able to use this functionality then you can build your apps to use the HTTPS protocol. To do this go to your MyNearest or QuestionWhere builder, either from the ArcGIS Marketplace or your ArcGIS Online organisation’s group.

Once you’ve loaded the builder, change the URL protocol.



This will then build your application with a secure origin therefore allowing end users to use the location function.

Other apps

Other apps hosted in ArcGIS Online will also be affected if they use the Geolocation API. See the blog here for more information.