Get started with ArcGIS 10.5

ArcGIS 10.5 is here! This article provides information to help you get started with the download, installation and authorization of the ArcGIS 10.5 products. You can also read an overview of the release here.

Upgrading ArcGIS 10.5:

The ArcGIS 10.5 setup package is designed to detect and upgrade an existing installation of the same ArcGIS product. The settings for the installation location, License Manager (for Concurrent Use), or authorization information (for Single Use) are retained during the upgrade.


  • If you are using a Concurrent Use product, you need to upgrade the ArcGIS License Manager to 10.5 (it is recommended to upgrade the License Manager before upgrading the client software).
  • Existing ArcGIS 10.1-10.4.1 authorization numbers will work with ArcGIS Desktop and Engine 10.5.
  • At 10.5, ArcGIS for Server is renamed to ArcGIS Enterprise.  ArcGIS Enterprise requires ArcGIS 10.5 authorization numbers.  When installing 10.5, you will need to reauthorize for use.

ArcGIS 10.5 for Single Use users:

If ArcGIS Desktop or Engine 10.5 will be installed on a machine that is different from where a previous ArcGIS 10.x product is currently installed and you wish to use the existing ArcGIS 10.1 - 10.4.1 authorization number for ArcGIS 10.5, the previous ArcGIS 10.x product must first be deauthorized before authorizing ArcGIS 10.5.

Obtaining Software Authorization Numbers:

If needed, your account's primary maintenance contact can obtain authorization numbers from After signing in with your Esri Account, click My Organizations > Licensing > Authorizations. Click a product name to obtain its authorization number.

For ArcGIS Desktop and Engine 10.5, the license version on authorizations eligible for use with this version will display as 10.1–10.5.

For ArcGIS Enterprise, the license version on authorization eligible for use with this version will display as 10.5.

Download ArcGIS 10.5:

IMPORTANT: ArcGIS Pro is released separately from ArcMap and other parts of ArcGIS Desktop.  You will receive a notification when ArcGIS Pro is updated.

To download your Esri Software or request media, log in at with your Esri Account and click on My Organizations > Downloads.  Then click 'View Downloads' for the product you wish to download.

NOTE: Backup media must be requested; it will not automatically be shipped to you.

If you have any questions or need assistance with product installation, please refer to the relevant Quick Start guide:

ArcGIS Enterprise quick start guide:

ArcGIS Desktop quick start guide:

ArcGIS Engine quick start guide: