Important Changes to Esri UK Online Services

Esri UK Online Services are now available to all without the requirement for online registration and user credentials.  You can access the new services directly from within ArcGIS Online and across the ArcGIS Platform.  For more information about our new public services please see here for free map services and here for free locators.

These services replace our existing ones hosted on  The Datahub services are no longer being updated and will be switched off on the 1st July 2016.  If you are using these services please plan your migration to our new services so that you have the most up to date data and have migrated ahead of their retirement

The benefits of the new services are:

  • They use the latest OS OpenData products including OS Open Map – Local and OS Open Names
  • The new services are updated regularly (Esri UK are no longer updating the Datahub services)
  • They are available out of the box in the global basemap gallery (in ArcGIS Online, ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro)
  • They are free to use
  • As the new services are hosted in ArcGIS Online they are scalable and can cope with peak demands in your services
  • They require no login credentials to use them

The table below provides the urls for the replacement services for each of our existing free Datahub services.

Datahub Service Service Type Replacement Service
OS Open Carto Map OS Open Carto
OS Open Background Map OS Open Background
OS Open Greyscale Map OS Open Greyscale
OS Open Greyscale with labels
OS Boundary-Line Map OS Boundary-Line
OS Meridian 2 Map No replacement
OS Terrain 50 Map OS Terrain 50
OS Strategi Map No direct replacement, used for the smaller scales in all the vector OS OpenData services.
OS Miniscale Map Replaced by a new service OS Open Rasters.
This includes OS 1:250K at the smaller scales, then StreetView and Vector Map District at the largest scales.
OS 1:250K Map
OS StreetView Map
OS Locator ArcGIS Locator OS Open Names
OS 1:50,000 Gazeteer ArcGIS Locator OS Open Names
OS Code-Point Open LocatorHub Locator OS Code-Point Open
OS Locator LocatorHub Locator OS Open Names
Coordinate British National Grid LocatorHub Locator BNG
Coordinate Irish Grid LocatorHub Locator No replacement
Coordinate Geographic LocatorHub Locator No replacement

The UK Content App, which is available free from the ArcGIS Marketplace, can be used to automate the configuration of these services in ArcGIS Online.

Please see our support blog and the product lifecycle for further information on the replacement services.

Please note that work is in progress to move the premium services to ArcGIS Online and we expect to retire these services later this year.  We will keep our customers informed of progress.

If you have any further questions please contact the Product Manager.