LocatorHub Product Lifecycle Changes

Esri UK would like to make our customers aware of forthcoming changes to the LocatorHub product.  We are currently working on a hot fix and a 5.3 release.  Further details can be found below.

LocatorHub 5.2 SP3 HF 2

In June 2015 we will be issuing a hot fix for LocatorHub 5.2 SP3.

This hot fix will allow you to create map/feature/geocode service locators for 10.3 secure map services (see blog for further details of this issue).

The hot fix will also include an enhancement to improve the merging of pick lists for AddressBase premium when searching both the DPA and LPI targets.

LocatorHub 5.3

In August we will  be releasing LocatorHub 5.3.  There are a number of changes at the 5.3 release that will potentially affect all users of LocatorHub:

  • Schema Changes to AddressBase
  • Changes to support for QAS
  • Changes to database support

All customers need to review these changes, understand the impact they will have on them and plan any necessary upgrades to ensure continuous use of the services provided by LocatorHub.  See here for further information and recommendations on the upgrade process.

Schema Changes – OS AddressBase and AddressBase Plus

LocatorHub 5.3 will support the new schemas for the AddressBase and AddressBase Plus products which will be introduced by the Ordnance Survey at Epoch 35 (24th September 2015).  For further information on the schema changes please refer to the Ordnance Survey website.

Customers will need to continue to use LocatorHub 5.2 (or below) to process AddressBase and AddressBase Plus up to and including the Epoch 34 release (13th August 2015).

Customers will require LocatorHub 5.3 to process AddressBase and AddressBase Plus from Epoch 35 (24th September 2015).

Changes to QAS Support

At the 5.3 release we will be adding support for QAS Names Tracer APR dataset (while continuing to support the QAS Names Tracer GBR dataset).

We will be retiring support for the QAS Pro and QAS Pro Web products.

Changes to Database Support

At the 5.3 release we will be adding support for:

Oracle 12c

SQL Server 2014

and we will be removing support for: 

Oracle 10g (which is no longer supported by Oracle)

Other changes coming to LocatorHub

  • On 31st October 2015 we will be retiring the OS ADDRESS-POINT and OS MasterMap AddressLayer locators (in line with the withdrawal of these datasets by the Ordnance Survey)
  • Februrary 2016 there will be schema changes to AddressBase Premium.  We will be releasing a new version of LocatorHub for use with AddressBase Premium data in the new schema.  Customers wishing to use AddressBase Premium data in the new schema will have to upgrade (see notes above re AddressBase schema changes for the basic and Plus products).  In addition, any customers using the AddressBase Premium editable gazetteer will need to upgrade their schema.
  • Ordnance Survey is planning to create an additional product in the same schema as AddressBase Premium offering information for Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Esri UK will be reviewing the impact of these new products on LocatorHub