Adding the ProductivitySuite toolbox

Did you know that ProductivitySuite has its own toolbox? This blog is to let you know that it exists and how to add it.

You can add the Productivity Suite toolbar manually using the following workflow:

  • In the ArcToolbox window, right click and Add Toolbox...
    • If the ArcToolbox window is not visible, click the Window menu and select ArcToolbox. Alternatively click the Show/Hide ArcToolbox window button on the ArcGIS standard toolbar
  • In the Add Toolbox... dialog, navigate to: C:\Program Files (x86)\ESRIUK\ProductivitySuite\Toolboxes
  • Select ProductivitySuite.tbx and Open
  • This will add the toolbox to ArcToolbox

You will also need to save this setting so that it is preserved for when you next open ArcToolbox

  • In the ArcToolbox window, right click > Save Settings > To Default

The OS MasterMap Processor allows you to process OS MasterMap data using the settings saved in a profile you have previously created with a ProductivitySuite Data Conversion wizard including the OS Data Converter and ITN Data Preparation tool.

Keep an eye out for future blogs that will discuss how to automate Change Only updates using the Data Conversion Geoprocessing tool as well as providing advice on best practice.