OS dataset updates - what you need to know

Over the last year we have updated you on some of the changes that the Ordnance Survey have planned or new datasets they have released.

With a lot of changes happening and many more coming next year we thought it was worth summarising them and letting you know about the work we have been doing or have planned.

OS MasterMap Water layer

The water layer can be loaded using the 'Quick Import' tool from ArcGIS for Desktop. We published a blog article in June that shows you how this can be done.

OS Open Rivers and OS Open Roads

We released a blog article in July letting you know about these datasets and our advice on how to load them into the ArcGIS platform. You can find that article here.

OS AddressBase schema changes

The new schemas for the AddressBase and AddressBase Plus datasets came into force from September and at the time we released new versions of ProductivitySuite and LocatorHub to handle these. (See the blog post).

We are planning further releases of LocatorHub and ProductivitySuite for Spring 2016.  These will include:

  • Support for schema changes to OS AddressBase Premium
  • Retirement of the locators for OS ADDRESS-POINT and OS MasterMap AddressLayer 2 in line with the OS withdrawal of these products.

OS MasterMap Schema changes

These changes are planned for March 2016 and will consist of some changes to the delivery mechanism for the data and some changes to the descriptive terms used for the Topography layer. Full details can be found on the Ordnance Survey website.

Be reassured that following the changes ProductivitySuite will continue to load the data for both the Topo layer and ITN.

To get the most out of the new data the way you symbolise it will need to be updated. The OS have recently started releasing new layer files through GitHub. Their hope is for this new method to become the standard way to post-process the data so that styling OS MasterMap Topography Layer becomes far simpler and easier. We have been working with them to ensure that the data you load using ProductivitySuite can take advantage of these new layer files.

We will let you know more about this next year.

OS Highways

We have been working with the Ordnance Survey over the last year to understand the new dataset and determine the best way to support it. The next release candidate of the dataset will be available in the new year and we will let you know details of how this data can be loaded and used in the ArcGIS platform in advance of any final release.