How to register a v9.x Single Use licence without Internet connection

In Technical Support we are asked the following quite regularly: “How do I register my 9.x Single Use licence when there is no connection to the Internet on the machine (or my organisation's firewall/proxy configuration prevents me from using the online method)?”

If there is no Internet connection on the machine (or you cannot bypass the firewall/proxy) you can generate an .esu9 licence file on the My Esri website for an offline registration. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Login in with your Esri Account (there is an option to create an account)
  2. Click on the My Organisation tab at the top of the page (if you are not registed with an organisation, please select Licencing Forms and go to step 4)
  3. Click on Products and a navigational pane will appear on the left with the option Additional Licencing Forms. Please select this option
  4. You will see there are a number of forms available, the one which applies here is 8.x & 9.x Single Use Product Registration.
  5. Fill out all the required fields (marked with `*`), if these are not already auto completed. Please make sure that you enter a valid email address, as the licence file will be sent to that address. Click Next.
  6. Please select the Product you wish to register. Click Next.
  7. Enter your UNK registration number into the Registration Number field and if you have registration numbers for any Extensions, enter these in the relevant box(es). Click Next.
  8. On the summary page, please check the email address that you entered previously. If any modifications are needed, use the Back button to return to previous steps. Once you are happy that all the details are correct, click Submit.
  9. Your .esu9 file will be sent to the email address provided.

(If you wish to get the licence file for more than one Single Use product, you will have to repeat the steps above and provide the corresponding registration number.)

The email should normally arrive in a few minutes. If you haven`t received anything after an hour, please check your Junk/Spam folders and ask your IT Department to check if the email has been blocked by your mail server.


Use the received .esu9 file in the Registration Wizard (Desktop Administrator> Register Single Use and Extensions> Register Now…) on the client machine to authorise ArcMap.

Select option `I have received an authorization file from ESRI and am now ready to finish the registration process.` Browse to the .esu9 file and follow the wizard to complete the registration.