Memory issue with LocalView Fusion

We have identified a memory issue when printing from LocalView Fusion web applications (ref 47318):

The problem is that everytime a print request is made, the process used to handle the request increases in memory. This can be seen by opening the Windows Task Manager and taking a look at the Memory consumption of the process while print requests are made. 

  1. Open Task Manager > View > Select Columns > Ensure 'Command Line' is ticked on.
  2. Browse to the 'Processes' tab and expand the 'Command Line' column. Ensure 'Show Processes From All Users' is ticked on.
  3. Find the service that the Print SOE is attached to. In most cases it will be Dservice=SampleWorldCities process but check with your LocalView administrator if you are unsure.
  4. Make some print requests and see if Memory increases after every request. If it does, take the following action:

If you have the minimum number of instances set to greater than 0, then change the recycle interval of the service the Print SOE is attached to so that the service instances are refreshed every hour. More information about service recycling can be found here

To do this, login to the Administrator Directory and browse to the service the Print SOE is attached to so that you can edit the JSON. For example:


Find "recycleInterval": 24 and change it to "recycleInterval": 1

Select ‘Save Edits’

This will recycle all instances associated with this service every hour and keep memory consumption under control. As recycling doesn't restart the map service there is no disruption to users of the service.

If you have the minimum number of instances set to 0, then once the instance used for the print request has completed its jobs it will be destroyed after the idle instance timeout has been reached. 

The LocalView Fusion development team are investigating this issue and it should be addressed in a future release.