Is Portal for ArcGIS Server included in my ArcGIS Server licence?

Portal for ArcGIS allows you to share maps, applications, and other geographic information with other people in your organization (deployed on premises or in the cloud).

For more information, please visit the product website.

Portal for ArcGIS requires an ArcGIS for Server Advanced licence. All customers who have purchased a production ArcGIS for Server Advanced licence will get a licence for Portal too. Customers who purchased ArcGIS for Server Standard have the option to buy the Portal for ArcGIS licence.
Organisations with both ArcGIS Server Advanced and ArcGIS Desktop in maintenance will have the opportunity to opt for a Named User licence for Portal for ArcGIS instead of ArcGIS Online. These customers need to contact their Customer Success Manager in the event that they wish to use Portal for ArcGIS.

Although EDN subscriptions do come with a Server Advanced licence as part of the EDN software bundle, they do not come with a Portal for ArcGIS Sever licence. In order to use the Portal for ArcGIS licence, you would have to have a standalone (production) ArcGIS for Server Advanced licence.