Updating raster datasets in geodatabases at 10.2

We would like to draw your attention to a workaround for a potential issue found in ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2, concerning Geodatabase Raster Datasets. The reference is NIM095633.

To summarise the problem : If you are trying to load rasters into a Geodatabase Raster Dataset using Desktop 10.2 and you have already set a spatial reference for the dataset, this will fail. There are no warning or error messages and the geoprocessing results show ‘success’.  The ‘uncompressed size’ shown under the Raster Dataset properties will be significantly above 0 after loading, but all the pixels appear to be null values, i.e. blank or NODATA.

Unfortunately there is no tool to remove a spatial reference once it has been defined, so if you already have a Raster Dataset with a spatial reference defined you will not be able to add further rasters to the dataset. Instead we suggest the following workaround of creating an empty Raster Dataset without specifying the spatial reference and adding the new and exisiting rasters.

Raster Datasets in both File Geodatabases and ArcSDE are affected by this problem but those in Personal Geodatabases are not.