How to add and view attachments in LocalView Fusion

The Technical Support team have received several calls from customers asking how to attach files to feature classes, and display them in a LocalView Fusion web application. For example, you might want to attach traffic order documents to a highways feature class. This article details the options available to achieve this.

If you have ArcGIS Desktop 10 or above, you can make use of the Attachment functionality;you can find more information about this functionality here

At present, only the Flex Viewer Template can read and write attachments within LocalView Fusion. If you are using ArcGIS Desktop 9.x, or are wanting to link files to features in other templates, then there is an alternative. Perform the following steps on your web server:

  1. Open IIS Manager
  2. Create and configure a virtual directory
  3. Once the virtual directory is created, test it out by accessing it over the internet. The URL should look something like this: http://name-of-the-machine/name-of-the-virtual-directory/file-name (with extension)
  4. Within ArcMap, open the attribute table of the feature class you want to hyperlink the attachment to.
  5. Create a new field of type 'text' making sure the field property ‘length’ has enough characters to contain the URLs.
  6. Start an edit session and add the URL of the file to the corresponding feature.
  7. Save and publish your map document. 

To display text instead of the URL in the web application, you can use some simple HTML in the URL field within the attribute table. For example:

<a href=http://name-of-the-machine/name-of-the-virtual-directory/file-name (with extension)>Click here for more details</a>