Esri UK are preparing for the OS AddressBase Schema Changes

The Ordnance Survey have announced schema changes to the AddressBase products. These schema changes will impact Esri UK customers who are using the AddressBase products within the ArcGIS platform. There will be new releases of Esri UK’s Productivity Suite and LocatorHub products to handle data in the new schema. Customers will be required to upgrade to the new versions if they are using this data and want to continue to apply updates.
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Unable to validate Order Numbers in Productivity Suite?

One of the most common errors seen when using the Productivity Suite OS Data Converter is shown in the below example, relating to the inability to validate the Order Number:

The error is thrown because Productivity Suite is unable to process data with different order numbers at the same time. Productivity Suite is able to process multiple datasets/ files with the same order number, but does not support the mixing of order numbers during a single processing session. If you have data with different order numbers, you will be required to process them in separate order number batches.

The order number is the first set of digits in the file name:

E.g. 86106-HP5505-25i7.gz

Has the LocatorHub toolbar vanished in Productivity Suite 3.0?

You may be aware that Esri UK have recently released Productivity Suite v3.0 and Crime Analyst v2.3 for ArcGIS 10.1 for Desktop.  

Productivity Suite 3.0 contains a number of bug fixes and stability improvements, and has also been streamlined based on customer feedback. As part of this streamlining, the LocatorHub toolbar has been removed along with various other features and functions that have either been superceded by core ArcGIS for Desktop capabilities, or are no longer needed (please refer to the release notes for full details).

Customers wishing to connect to their local LocatorHub services in ArcGIS 10.1 for Desktop should therefore use the Esri UK Online Services toolbar.

NB It’s important to note that you must have a full license of LocatorHub to connect in the way described below (the runtime licenses of LocatorHub included in applications like LocalView Fusion don’t allow connection via the Esri UK Online Services toolbar).

To connect to a LocatorHub service you should now use the following workflow:

  •  Download the Esri UK Online Services toolbar


  • Unpack the contents of the ZIP file to the desired location
  • Double-click the add-in (ESRIUK.Services.ArcGIS.esriAddIn) to install it

  • Select Services > Configure Locators
  • Select Add
  • Select Local Server entering the URL of your service (e.g. http:///locatorhub/locatorhub.svc)
  • Select Connect (having entered any Authentication information as required)
  • Select the required Locator from the dropdown list

  • Click OK
  • You should now be able to use the Locator service from the Esri UK Online Services toolbar

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How to: Install Productivity Suite v2.0 to the All Users Profile

Here in Technical Support, a common query we often get is about Productivity Suite 2.0 and the way the software has been installed. Users may comment that they are unable to use a specific tool within the extension, whilst another user, on the same machine, can use the tool without a problem. This is because the software has only been installed to a specific User Profile, and not the All Users Profile.

This issue may be easily identified by receiving an error message that lists many .dll files as not available, e.g.:

Directory path: C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\bin
- 3dAnalystUtil.dll Version not available
- 3DSymbols.dll Version not available
- 3DSymbolsLib.dll Version not available


The following procedure describes how to install Productivity Suite 2.0 to the All Users Profile (NB You will need to be logged in as an administrator with full admin rights to the machine):

  1. Uninstall the current installation of Productivity Suite
  2. Open Command Prompt and change to the directory containing the .msi installer
  3.  cd C:\Temp  
  4. Enter the following command to install Productivity Suite 2.0 to the All Users Profile:


 MSIEXEC /i ProductivitySuiteVersion.msi ALLUSERS=1 /qb  


The application should be successfully installed to the All Users Profile. Once successfully installed, the latest Service Pack should be applied, which can be downloaded from:

NB This issue affects only Productivity Suite 2.0. The Productivity Suite 2.1 installer now has an option to install to either the Current User or All Users of the machine.

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How to: Access the Esri UK Product Licence Manager for Productivity Suite v2.1

The EsriUK Product Licence Manager is installed as part of the main installation for Productivity Suite 2.1 for ArcGIS Desktop 10. It is used to licence Esri UK products such as Productivity Suite and Crime Analyst.


It can be accessed in one of three ways:

Via the Start Menu:

Start > All Programs > Productivity Suite 2.1 > Licence Manager

If you are unable to access the Licence Manager via this route (i.e. it does not appear) then you should install the latest Service Pack, which may be downloaded from

Via ArcMap 10:

a)     Open ArcMap 10

b)    Ensure that the Productivity Suite 2.1 extension is enabled

  1. Select Customize > Extensions
  2. Ensure Productivity Suite is checked and click Close

c)     Click Productivity > About Productivity Suite

d)    Select View Licence

Via Windows Explorer:

C:\Program Files (x86)\ESRIUK\ProductivitySuite\bin\PSLicenceManager.exe

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